[ad#250 Image]I have been frequenting the oDesk group in Linkedin lately, because I am monitoring a discussion that I've started regarding freelancing challenges. And I was surprised to see an entirely different look and feel of the groups section.

For one, there is now a slide gallery of recent posts that were made, a bar with tabs where you can give a thumbs up, comment, like, pass or flag for a post. Plus a Hootsuite/Facebook like status update console where you can attach a link and provide more detail to your post.

This may not be a major update but I think LinkedIn is slowly evolving and adapting to the style of social media giant Facebook. And I won't be surprise if one day, one of them will get swallowed by the other. Whether it's Facebook taking over LinkedIn, that's something worth tuning in.

So how does it affect LinkedIn members experience?

The new design definitely has it's great advantages. It makes it a lot easier to interact with fellow group members. And creating a discussion is no longer a hide and seek.
What's New with LinkedIn Groups? 1

Now it's your turn. Tell us what you think about this new update. Would you prefer the new interface, or would you opt to stick with the old one? How will it affect your activity in LinkedIn?
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