The week is almost over and before the weekend comes let me share a couple things that's been getting a lot of my attention this week. You may not be seeing me writing regular posts in this site for quite some time now but if you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably seen that I've been collaborating with my wife on a new blog Marriage Mix.

I've written a couple of posts this week and it's such a pleasure to write about our daughter's comedic video. My new hideaway proves to be a great place to stir up those ideas and get them on print. I love the view from the terrace although the roaring of airconditioning units from a neighboring fastfood chain is quite distracting it has so far been manageable.

As you might have known, we've moved to a different place, unfortunately, my internet and phone service from PLDT still seems to be trying to find his way to the new address. I have been to the PLDT office three times, called their 171 hotline many times and got one scripted answer. “Can I put you on hold for 1 to 2 minutes.”

Anyway, I've read many rants about PLDT transfers and so far, I think i'm just experiencing a “normal” delay. Add to that that they are actually “migrating” their servers to a better system.

Smart BRO has brought some great consolation and a total lifesaver in all this waiting issue with PLDT. I applied for transfer of service and I was called for scheduling even before I was able to leave the Smart premises. Now that's what customer service!

There are two new tools that i've been playing around this week, Podio and Blogsy. And i'll definitely write a review for the two because my praises won't fit this limited space.

So, what has kept you busy?

PS. iPhone 5 is now officially out. What's your take? Hhhmmm… Who's buying one?


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