The ability to work from anywhere with just your laptop is one of the perks of being a freelancer. You can stay inside malls, a hotel lobby, coffe shop or just about anywhere, as long as there is strong enough internet connectivity to keep your most basic tools in working state.

And for someone who loves the outdoors, mobility is heaven. Unfortunately, your heaven may be just a temporal one if you don't keep an extra layer of precaution and just rely on wifi hotspots. So before worst come to worst, think about investing in a mobile internet as your fallback connection.

If this is your first encounter with this device, you'd probably say that i'm mistaken on the image. Well, that is also the first thing that caught my attention.

Smart Bro Rocket Wifi Review 1

The Smart Bro Rocket Wifi is basically a Huawei device that's distributed by Smart. You can only say that it's actually from Smart when it's still in the package but as soon as you unpack the device you can no longer see any Smart markings as opposed to their advertising image.


Why Smart Bro?

I've maintained two internet connections for over a year now and so far, the investment have given me not only a good return but also a headache free work even if one of my internet service goes berserk. Smart became the first choice because I practically have my internet with PLDT, a Smart Bro subscription and not to mention my mobile phone lines are both from the same company. It's just more convenient for me to maintain my various accounts from only one provider and so far, they have been working perfectly.

Smart Bro Rocket Wifi Review 2

Multiple Device Connectivity

One of the features that Smart Bro Rocket wifi offers is the ability to connnect up to 5 devices. And surely in an age where most of us have not just one but 3 or more gadgets that requires internet connectivity, getting a device that allows multiple connectivity is an absolute bonus. Many of us did have the old Smart or Globe plug it USB but it would be totally impractical to carry 3 or 4 of such device for your all your gadgets.


Smart Bro's Rocket wifi doesn't come cheap. It's priced at Php 6495 or roughly $130+. Compared to other mobile internet options, the price may be a little stiff. But if this meets your needs, then the price shouldn't be a point of debate.

If you are planning to get this with the unlimited post paid plan for Php999, I'm sorry to disappoint you but this actually comes as prepaid only. However, you are free to experiment as I've tried inserting my postpaid mobile phone sim and it worked just fine. My only concern is the speed not getting any higher than 2Mbps.


The first thing that actually enticed me into buying this device is the advertised speed that can reach “up to 20Mbps”. Here in my area where my current subscription speed only gets as high as 2Mbps, getting a service 10x faster would be a big blowout. So far, it's been a disappointment as I have only reached a maximum of 2Mbps from my location here in Banawa Cebu City.

Battery Life

Smart Bro Rocket Wifi's battery life runs between 4-5 hours based on my current usage level. I connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. One thing i noticed, is that it heats up fast and I had to remove it from a pouch to dissipate the heat and cool it down. I'm not very certain if it's a common issue with Rocket wifi users or just an isolated case which I unfortunately encounter each time I use it.

Extra Features

1. Text Messaging – Smart Rocket wifi also gives you the ability to send and receive text messages. Although this may not be what you want, but having a backup in case you drain your mobile phone's battery is a good thing.

2. SD Sharing – The smart Rocket Wifi has a micro SD card slot that you can use and access on any of the devices connected to it. It basically serves more of a centralized network storage.

Is it for me?

After all that's been seen and said, the question is: should I buy it? My answer is, Rocket wifi is not for everyone. At least for now. And there are some reasons to consider if this is really suitable for your need. One of the main points to consider is your location. Currently, there are over 3000+ HSDPA sites in Smart's network. So if your place is not within the reach of these signals, investing 6495 that only gives you a fraction of what is advertised is not very wise.