If you have turned to full time freelance work, chances are, you’re probably no longer paying your SSS contributions. But did you know that you can still continue contributing as a voluntary member or as as self employed?

The good thing is, since most of us who work online don’t really like the long waits, Metrobank, provides an online solution so you can pay your SSS contributions with just a few clicks.

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

But before we get started, make sure that you have with you your SSS ID number, the month that you’d like to pay, and the amount of contribution you will be paying. If you don’t how much you’ll need to pay, check out the schedule of contributions table and the due dates for contributions.

Once you have all those information ready, login to your metrobank direct account.

1. Under eBanking solutions, Click Pay Bills –
2. Go to Special Biller and select Government as Category then choose the type of SSS as Biller from the dropdown
3. Input your SSS ID number under subscribers followed by the month you are paying and the current year (sssno012014).
The system doesn’t allow copy pasting, so you’ll have to do it manually.

Take Note that the system only accepts recent and monthly basis payment.

No need to fill up the reference no. and phone no. The system will provide transaction reference no. for the acknowledgment of the transactions.

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