There is a lot of spam message going on right now with oDesk providers who are part of the gDev team. The original message which started from a simple “hi” turns out to carry more than what meets the eye.

UAE based company, gDEV FZ LLC who claims to be the biggest employer in oDesk started sending out invitations and hiring providers for a fixed rate fee to undergo several tests and a Skype interview that's intended for various technical and customer service positions. Well, who wouldn't be enticed to grab the opportunity? gDEV offers $40-60 fixed rate fee for spending just 3-4 hours of taking the exams and a few minutes of Skype interview, and the best part, if you get hired, you get a whopping $10 hourly rate or more depending on the nature of your job. That seemed to be a dream job to many freelancers who are still living on a feast and famine kind of life. But that seems to be perceived as too good to be true when all these grievance messages started to sprout.

Are the gDEV invitations just a hoax then? I don't think it's enough ground to say that they are not legitimate. Delays are part of the hiring process. And as applicants, I guess, it may as well be taken against us if we show impatience.

gDEV has already issued a stern warning for those who will continue with the flared messages. To those who were not able to control their patience and have not put their complaints in proper channeling, it may have just caused you a quicker kill on your chances of getting hired.

Again, patience is a virtue.