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I did have the same hesitations and questions at the back of my mind before I started my own freelancing. I'm sure it is the same with you at this very moment. It's really difficult to put your hands on the rein when you have a stable job, a regular pay and a good benefit. But then again, the question is, IS FREELANCING FOR YOU?

Job Satisfaction

Many people walk to their offices and perform their duties with a heavy shoulder because they are no longer satisfied with what they are doing, their salary and other areas of their employment. A Conference Board's survey which polled 5,000 households in the US, found that only 45% were satisfied in their jobs. So why burden yourself and struggle to believe that that's the right place or the right job for you?

Work on something you are happy doing. If you are feeling obliged to do something because there's a supervisor who's prying on you, a boss that you simply can't get along with or a policy that you can't agree on, then that's reason enough to look for windows of opportunity. If you can't help yourself but keep an eye on the ticking of the clock to hit 5 PM then it's high time to reconsider your options about getting yourself into freelancing.

Family Preservation

I have been a strong advocate of online freelancing for one important reason, and that's family preservation. I understand that many people are aiming at working overseas like in the US, Canada, UK, and other parts of Europe and the Middle East. The reasons are pretty obvious, i.e. higher salary, great benefits, more opportunities. While this may be true in the past, the internet and digitalization of the world have made it possible work at home with overseas clients, but still earn way above the minimum wage that local employers can provide.

But more important than earning enough while working from home, it's the presence of the parent that makes the most impact and the strongest reason to stay. Would you like your kids to grow without your guidance? I'm sure, a million-dollar can buy a lot of heaters but it won't be warm enough to comfort your wife on a cold night. If you want to cultivate your career without sacrificing your family then working online at the comfort of your home is a perfect alternative.

Computers as Investments

There are a lot of people who are addicted to computers. Some would spend long hours in games and chatting and many other unproductive activities. And that's just it. A pure waste of time and money. I love my computer too, because I saw a different potential to what it can do. I look at it as an investment that yields me a thousand returns and not just an appliance or a game console. If you think that way, then you are closer to concluding that probably, online freelancing is the right work for you.

No Where to Run

When you hit a wall and you have nowhere to run, that situation will bring out the best in you if you will face it and determine to get over that hindrance. I know it's sad that many people think of freelancing as last resort, but it's this last resort that has transformed many lives into satisfied and gave a new face to the word “work”. If you don't have job right now, don't keep on running and looking for that elusive career. Grab a chair and get in front of your computer. Try freelancing!

Bottom Line:

What worked for me may not work for you. Hence, whether freelancing is for you or not, remains to be decided. But if you have already made the first step, then don't look back. Just look forward to your goal and remember why you are into freelancing. Again, freelancing is not for the faint of heart. If you can't make a firm decision to pursue it full time, part time will always be an option. And hopefully, you'll come to a point and say that “Freelancing is REALLY the right one for you!”.
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