Remittance services are in abundance nowadays especially here in the Philippines where many overseas workers are consistent patrons. Aside from that, there is also the growing population of home based workers who receive their earnings through remittance or bank transfers. But ever since I have started working as a freelancer, the only payment medium I have used include Paypal fund transfers to my local bank account (I currently use Unionbank's EON and BPI) and LMS remittance service.


But what if you are in dire need of cash and all you have is your Paypal credit that still needs to be withdrawn to your local bank? Actually, this is what happened to me. So what I did, I scoured Google kingdom for some site that can offer instant remittance using Paypal.

I first checked since I already have an existing account with them. Unfortunately, to my dismay, Xoom no longer offers remittance payment using Paypal.
I also read about GCash and hurriedly went to their website, and again, I ended up frustrated at the fact that you have to have a US funded Paypal account.
But well, if you really need it, you'll surely get another option, so I went on to check if it is possible to use Western Union. But then again, it's not supported. Instant remittance using my Paypal credit is just impossible. I will really have to exercise more patience.

Have you had this same predicament? You won't anymore, here's what I have come up. To help resolve this issue for other Filipinos or even nationalities who can't get hold of their Paypal funds instantly.
I am going to offer a third party service where I would act as your middle man to ensure that you get your funds quicker and instant. Here's how it works.

The verification process is the security measure applied by The Peso Club to thwart scammers. So to get you started, here’s the requirements and step by step process of verification.

1. Fill out our request for verification below. Make sure to fill all required fields.
2. Scan your 2 Government Issued Identifications (SSS, GSIS, Driver’s license, PRC ID) and upload.
3. Make sure to provide your Facebook URL. Once you’ve completely filled out the form, submit.
4. Wait for our verifier to contact you. We can use Skype or Facebook Chat.

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