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Microsoft is giving its Edge Browser some sharp features to compete with Chrome and other browsers. And one of those features is Microsoft Edge Drop. There's nothing fancy or grandiose about it, it's just a simple but very useful tool that eliminates a lot of file sharing and sending woes. If you haven't seen or tried it, here's a quick rundown on how to transfer files on Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Activate Drop Feature

1. Go to Microsoft Edge browser “settings”.

Microsoft Edge Settings

2. On the settings window, choose “SIDEBAR”. Then toggle the “Always show sidebar” to on.

3. On your first time opening the sidebar, Drop may not be active yet. What you need to do is to click on the plus sign and look for Drop in the list, then toggle the selector to activate Microsoft Edge Drop. Once you've done that, the paper plane icon will show up in the sidebar. Click on it and this will open the “welcome to Drop” window. Click on Start to start using Drop. That's it!

How to Transfer Files on Microsoft Edge Browser Using Microsoft Edge Drop 1

How to Send Files and Notes on Microsoft Edge Drop

Sending your files and notes is pretty straightforward. You can click on the blue plus sign (+) and choose the file(s) you would like to send. If it's it a note, you can just type your message or note in the text box and click on the send icon.

How to send files or notes on Microsoft Edge Drop

This will then be synced to your different devices where you have logged in with the same Windows account. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple devices with different operating systems like iOS, Windows, MacOS, or iPadOS.


Files that you send can be found in your computer's Downloads and sub folder Microsoft Edge Drop Files folder. Unfortunately, there's currently no option to change this or customize the download location.