Working as a freelancer may be just a part time job to help you eke out a living or earn an extra income. But what if you've reached a point and decided to quit your other job and pursue a full time freelance career? How are you planning to go about the transition? Here are a few things you need to check if you are on the right track. Remember, quitting your job doesn't work like a magic. But it can do magic for your new found career if you do it right.

1. Make a graceful exit

Don't be tempted to do stupid things just because you are leaving. Make a graceful exit by ensuring that you still work with enthusiasm and respect. Make sure to fulfill a two-week or to some companies a 30 day notice before you leave.

Jen Smith says it perfectly, “It is human nature to remember the end of anything rather than the beginning, so whatever the situation when you leave a job, try to behave in a way you will be proud of and that will reflect well on you. Leaving a job in a way that you are proud of will help you to feel more positive in your next endeavor.”

2. Don't burn the bridges behind you

If you have decided to work as a freelancer and are determined to stick with it, that's great news. But always make sure that you have some buffer that you can turn to when things don't go the way you wanted them to be. Don't quit just because you have some personal issues with your boss. Some would actually do this, but I strongly disagree, why? Hop on to the next point.

3. Keep the connection

In whatever area of life, connection matters. So, keep those connections in good terms. You can always build new ones but keeping the old ones would give you a good start. You will never know when or how this can impact your future work.

4. Setup a plan

Planning is very important. It's what will keep you focus on what you want to achieve. So better have a laid out plan for your “before and after” freelance switch. I would strongly suggest that you include finding new clients in your transition period before totally leaving your regular job.

Once you've taken cared of the suggestions above, then let's get you started with a new life. Welcome to the world of freelancing!



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