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Whether you're a freelancer or not, we can probably both agree that email is important. The level of how we're using our emails these days is a testament of just how much email plays in our lives. According to Statista, in 2017, there were 3.7 billion global e-mail users worldwide  and is expected to jump to 4.1 billion users in 2021. (Statista)

With that in mind, it's even more important to ensure the safety of this communication channel. So today, we're going to make sure you get your account an extra layer of security by enabling two step verification for Gmail and/or GSuite email accounts. And sadly, there are less than 10% of Google's user who actually turn on this feature. So make things easier here's a step by step tutorial that you can follow to get you setup and start enjoying a higher level of security for your account.


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