When you work hard, you want to reward yourself. Actually, you ought to reward yourself. But if you're working hard and spending at least $400 for a gadget like an iPad to reward your labors, that doesn't sound very practical for a family man who can use that amount for his children's school tuition fees.

How I Got a Brand New iPad 2 1


So you ask, how did I get my hand on an iPad 2?
Actually, it's simple.
I won it from Unionbank's “Swipe and Win” promo. Thanks to my God-given clients who almost always pay on time, me and my wife can go to our weekly groceries and debit our purchases from our EON Card.
So if you're thinking of trying your own fate at getting a free iPad 2, there's still an opportunity. The last draw is set on the 6th of March, who knows, maybe you'll be the next winner.

Here's a few things you need to know about the promo mechanics.

How I Got a Brand New iPad 2 2

Simply use your card to make a minimum single purchase of Php 500 at any retail or online store and you get a chance to win an iPad 2. Earn two (2) additional raffle entries upon making your first purchase.

To further increase your chances of winning:

Double your chances by making a single transaction purchase from Php 1,000 to 1,499.
Triple your chances by making a single transaction purchase from Php 1,500 and up

To read the full promo mechanics visit Unionbank's Swipe and Win page.

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