If you have worked in a call center before and is currently into freelancing, one thing you will miss about call center life is the great perks and incentives that are up for grabs for a good performance. Rewards system in the call centers (based on my experience) is simply unmatched. And they are there for a good reason, no less than to keep you motivated to hit all those KPI's, be the best call center agent you can be and contribute to your company's success.

Steve Jobs shared his candid opinion about rewards systems when he said: “The only way employees will fulfill your dream is to share in the dream. Reward systems are the mechanisms that make this happen. “However, reward systems are much more than just bonus plans and stock options. While they often include both of these incentives, they can also include awards and other recognition, promotions, reassignment, non-monetary bonuses (e.g., vacations), or a simple thank-you.”

But now that you are working as freelancer who will reward you for a good performance? Well, that's a good question. I actually thought of that too. Let's see.

Your Client

As a freelancer, you will definitely come across different types of clients. Some would probably arrange a reward system but in many occasions, this may not be the case, specially monetary based incentives. And therefore you should not expect for it to be the same as the call centers you have worked for in the past. Do not frustrate for the monetary incentives or rewards. Consider that some of you client's may just be starting his business and may therefore have limited resources to fund a reward system.

Now that you are aware that the freelance environment is not the same as the call center, get into the mindset that reward should start from you.


Pat yourself in the back if all you have is the project fee or hourly rate that you charge for your client. Now get into the drawing board and start learning how to reward yourself instead of relying on outside sources. This is particularly important to ensure that you don't get burned out at work nor lose the enthusiasm in your new found career.

So how should you exactly reward yourself?
It is best to start your personal reward scheme by setting goals or milestones. This way, you not only reward yourself for the sake of it, but you are at the same time exerting an effort that will benefit your client and increase your productivity. You may include rewards which are long term or short term basis and are primarily budget friendly. You can also read a good step by step guide on creating a reward system by eHow contributor Jas Ireland

Consider a few things I've included in my personal reward scheme.

-Get a foot spa, a massage or whatever pampering you want together with my wife when we close a new deal for the week.
-Get a new laptop or DSLR Camera after we reach our savings goal
-A short vacation trip to Boracay next year.
-A guilt free sleep after doing overtime work.

Once you've setup a system, then you've just stepped up in the freelance game as a self motivated freelancer.

Now it's your turn, how do you reward yourself? How do you motivate yourself?