has freshly released it's Messenger App and if you haven't seen it, here's a brief rundown on what to expect. Unfortunately, the app is only available to Android users at this time. So iOs users will have to wait and see when the iOS version will come out. And hopefully it won't be too long. The current version requires Requires Android 2.3.3 and up. Currently the app is enjoying a very good review rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The user interface looks great. It's simple and easy to use. The app works for it's purpose, and that is to be able to keep in touch with your client or your freelancer.

Let me just reiterate that it's a Messenger App. So don't be frustrated if you're not able to browse for jobs or submit proposals using this app. As what they have noted in the app description “This messaging app is just the first step. More functionality like bidding and posting projects will be coming soon!”

I have been personally waiting for oDesk and Elance to have their own app so I guess with the release of the Freelancer Messenger App, they'll get enough steam to get their own app on Google Play or iTunes.

I have just done a quick browse and check on the features of the app and so far, it's looking good. Here are a few things I've noted about the app.

1. Profile View of the candidates App Review

If you currently have a profile on it's the best time for you to update your avatar image or profile image as the the messenger app puts a center stage on your profile. For those who have maintained great ratings will find this to their advantage as it will highlight your completion rate, delivery, and budget.

2. Ability to transfer files using the app

The messaging app gives you the ability to attach a file,  image, or record a sound. This makes it really convenient and handy specially if you are not at your desk all the time but only have access to your mobile phone. When it comes to the maximum file size, that's something that I have already asked in an email that I've sent to the support.

3. View proposals and award projects

While the app doesn't allow you to view available projects (bad for workers) the app scores a plus point for employers as they can award and review proposals within the app.


While it's clear that this app is primarily geared towards the employers, it's a welcome innovation. Hopefully, in the coming days, will update the app to make it “freelancer friendly” too.

Five things I personally would like to see included in the next update are:

  1. project listings that freelancers can submit proposals to
  2. the ability to submit proposals
  3. earnings report
  4. ability to withdraw earnings from within the app
  5. be able to edit profile and update account info

If you were to give out a suggestion or feature request for the app, what feature would you like to see in the future updates?