Many of you are probably on the same boat where I am right now, renting a place where you have your office and family in just one roof. But let's admit it, there will come a time when you're family will grow or the business grows or sometimes both of them (ideally both of them) and you have to find your new nest. Do you just go ahead and choose whichever? That's what I'd like to share with you in this post, based on my personal experience. What exactly do you have to consider?

Am I Under Any Contract?

Before you jump into any new agreements, make sure to check if your services are under any contract. This will help you avoid paying unnecessary fees for breaking the terms of agreement. Get back to those fine prints that you have signed and double check the repercussion if you choose to preterminate your services.  In most cases, house lease have 12 month contract, PLDT Telpad account is for 24months, Smart Bro Canopy has 24 months.

Where Should I Move In?

Whether it's a business or your home that you would like to relocate to a new place, location has a big factor in the decision making process. It can mean a lot to how your business can perform whether in terms of your access to internet or clients or social services like water and electricity, your choice of location is vital.  In my previous place, it was blessed with a very good internet connection from PLDT which is not very common in some areas. So the location really made a lot of difference in how I was able to work, especially when there is a need to download/upload large files.

How Big Should it be?

From a 2 bedroom apartment, we chose to move in to a 3 bedroom house to accommodate our growing family and business. With an incoming 4th baby, it's become necessary to take a bigger place for the family and business's sake. So depending on your current need and future plans, the size of the office/apartment to move in should be put into consideration. If you plan to hire someone, immediately or in the future a bigger office or an additional room may be necessary.

How Much is Your Budget?

It's always our desire to put our family and business in the best place possible, but let's be practical and realistic. If you can't afford it, don't go for it. Live within your means. Don't just move in to a place just for the sake of having a big place. Make sure you know why you are taking that place. Don't think that it's the last place on earth. Scout for options so you can weigh in the most important aspects of what you are looking for; is it the price? or the location? or the size?


Although transportation is now readily available, make sure that the place is accessible by all kinds of transportation and emergency vehicles. Taxis are all over the city, but do you think you can always ride a taxi? It would be great to have all modes of transportation within a few steps away. I remember how in my former place, we had to circle around the village in a taxi just because the area is a one-way zone. A taxi which only cost Php50 on a straight path becomes Php75 because of the long turn. Internet access should also be a primary concern. DSLAM availability should be verified first by calling your DSL internet provider before you jump into a new commitment.


The decision process became easy for us because of the above and most importantly because of security concern. Before we left our old place theft got hold of my runners and slippers (funny but true, even slippers) which we thought was a safe place because it was a compound, unfortunately, it proved otherwise. I couldn't emphasize more how important security is. You don't need to have millions worth of property or money in the bank before you stressed out security. You just have to think that it's not only the source of income that you are protecting but most of all, the family and loved ones that you cherish.