Freelancing is perhaps biggest job revolution after the industrial period. That is of course for a good reason. The advances in technology, communication and the boom of the information superhighway made job hunting just a click of a mouse away.Hundreds, if not thousands of freelance sites have sprouted. Some are good, others are not but there are sites which stands out to provide stellar service, not only for service providers but also for its service buyers. And oDesk, surely is at par to many preferred freelance sites. Here are five of the most  notable reasons why a freelancer like you should choose to find work on oDesk.

1. Secure and quick payment

With the prevalence of scam sites and scammers,  oDesk gives a sense of security to its members by ensuring that you get paid for what you have worked for in a timely manner. This comes in handy for freelancers who are using a w-4 calculator to determine incomeFor the past 6 months, I have not had any payment issues, disputes, delays or whatsoever. The payment have always been on time, all the time thru my Paypal account.

2. Free Membership

When you are looking for work, the worst thing that you can encounter is a freelance site that would require you to pay before you can apply. With oDesk, you won’t have any problem on that because you only get charged once you have worked and is basically already earning. The 10% fee is automatically included to the rate you charge your employer. Best of all you don’t need to worry about paying a monthly due.

3. Generous Affiliate Incentives

I have a few freelance sites where I am also an affiliate member. But oDesk affiliate program is perhaps the best affiliate available right now among the other freelance sites. Consider these figures:* You get $50 for each new business that signs up & verifies a credit card.* You also get $0.50 for each freelancer that signs up and applies for a job.You can also check other details of the updated affiliate program here.

4. Great work tools

Screensnap, oDesk Iphone App, team collaboration, instant messaging, work reporting tools well, that’s more than enough to get you up on your toes working anywhere you go. The good thing, it’s not only good for you, but more importantly, to your client.

5. Buyer and Provider friendly

There are certain websites that are bluntly said, employer biased. And that is understandable, because we know that there are more providers than buyers/employers. They would want to keep the few clients they have, even if they are actually being unfair to their freelancers. That’s what sets oDesk apart. I can remember at one point when the typhoon Ondoy was actually ravaging and among the many freelance sites that I am a member of, it was only oDesk who cared to send an email to its buyers and providers regarding the current situation in the country. I’m not being emotional, but that is a very heartwarming sign that oDesk cares for its freelancers and clients. I don’t know what your experiences with oDesk or other freelance sites are, do you think I’ve underrated or overvalued it? I would like to listen to your personal thoughts.