I've worked in the call center for over four years before I finally turned to full time online freelance work. While the world hasn't changed much for me during my four years of stay in the call center, I am most grateful that I've worked in the BPO industry because the trainings, most especially the sales and customer service training played a big role in my freelance career now.

Some of my batchmates from the original group when I first started in PeopleSupport have gone to different areas of work but some have remained in the call center. But I guess it won't be for long.

The work landscape that the BPO industry has disrupted is yet on a course for another disruption. This time, it's online jobs that's taking its slice of the call center talents. We are starting to see the exodus of trained call center agents and Upwork is taking it to another level. Upwork has recently introduced the Pro Customer Service Group that entices call center agents, particularly the customer service professionals who have call center experience to take advantage of this unique group. Upwork Pro Customer Service Group

If you want to start testing the waters on freelancing with a bang, you better check out this group. If you qualify, the group will give you the advantage of access to a curated list of high paying jobs from top clients. Your profile will also be showcased to clients when you submit your proposal. Not only that, you will also be included in a curated list of talents where clients can search, plus a Pro Customer Service group badge listed on your profile.

Qualifications for the Pro Customer Service Group

  • At least two years of experience in customer service/support or technical support
  • English language capabilities and be able to conduct business in English
  • A quiet, distraction-free workspace (if you’re a phone-handling pro)
  • Reliable high-speed Internet
  • The equipment you need to provide quality services, such as an up-to-date computer and a corded headset with microphone
  • An Upwork account in good standing
  • An 100 percent complete Upwork profile illustrating your customer service/support experience
  • At least a 90 percent Job Success Score (applicable only if you have one)

There will be a vetting process that include:

  • skills assessments
  • A written interview that includes situational questions
  • An online interview to see if you're a fit for the group

If you are having second thoughts on this, I advise that you read my article on Why I Left the Call Center.

Florante Valdez