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How to Transfer Files on Microsoft Edge Browser Using Microsoft Edge Drop

Microsoft is giving its Edge Browser some sharp features to compete with Chrome and other browsers. And one of those features is Microsoft Edge Drop. There's nothing fancy or grandiose about it, it's just a simple but very useful tool that eliminates a lot of file sharing and sending woes. If you haven't seen or tried it, here's a quick rundown on how to transfer files on Microsoft Edge Browser.  How to Activate Drop Feature 1. Go to Microsoft Edge browser "settings". 2. On the settings window, choose "SIDEBAR". Then toggle the "Always show sidebar"

How to Setup Google Workspace for Your Business

What is a Google Workspace? Google Workspace is the successor of the erstwhile GSuite or Google Suite. It's a collection of web-based tools covering a wide range of services primarily aimed at businesses that want to foster collaboration and maximize the use of cloud-based software. Gmail is probably the most widely used service in the suite, but there are a lot of other valuable tools in the suite that includes: Google Drive Google Docs Google Chat Google Notes Google Sheets Google Calendar Google Forms etc. Why Invest in Google Workspace for Your Business? For freelancers who are starting out,

How to Register Globe and Smart SIM Cards

The implementation of Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Card registration Act went into effect last December 27. If you haven't registered, I posted a YouTube video that will walk you through how to register Globe & Smart SIM Cards.  Who Should Register: The law covers all individuals, both local and foreign, and corporate entities using SIMs purchased in the Philippines for use in devices such as mobile phones, pocket wifis, etc. SIMs for minors must be registered under the name of the parent or legal guardian. All existing mobile phones, broadband, prepaid WiFi (ex. Prepaid Internet Kit (PIK), Pocket

Late Payments? Send Automatic Paypal Invoice Reminders

Getting paid on time is a very important part of building a sustainable and thriving business. It's the cash flow that makes it possible for freelancers like me, to put food on the table and provide for our families. While getting paid on time, all the time is the ideal scenario, there's a harsh reality that delays in receiving payments are normal but can be managed. Setting up Automatic Payment Reminders in Paypal Business Account For the past 10+ years that I've worked online, Paypal has been my go-to invoicing and payment gateway tool for my freelance

How to Setup Apple Universal Control on Mac & iPad

Apple recently launched one of the long-awaited features called Universal Control. Apple Universal control is a feature that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse on multiple Apple Devices. However, there are limitations on which devices can take advantage of this feature. What do I need to use universal control? First thing is, of course, you need to have a compatible iPad or Mac device. You also need to be logged in to the same Apple ID or Apple account on all of the devices that you're going to use. And for this demonstration, I'm using iPad Air 4

How to Register in Philhealth Online 2023

Among the many government agencies in the Philippines, Philhealth may be one of the late adopters of technology when compared with BIR, DTI, or even SSS. The latter three departments have been offering online access, as well as online payments for their members. SSS even managed to provide mobile app access. Unfortunately, Philhealth is a little behind with tech innovation. And in times like this, a backward health agency in a time of a health crisis is not what the country needs.  But it's not all dim and gloomy at Philhealth. The agency's website while it is not

Welcome to The Freelance Channel Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of The Freelance Channel Podcast. I am thrilled to get back into podcasting after a long hiatus. Today is my 10th year anniversary as a full time freelancer and I can't think of any better way to share the life changing effect that freelancing has brought into my life. This will be a weekly show and I will be featuring fellow freelancers and not just any ordinary freelancer, but freelancers who are thriving, and are successful in their chosen niche. If this is something that resonates with you, please subscribe and connect with us

BIR Registration for Freelancers – Five Reasons Why You Must Register Your Online Business with the BIR

BIR Registration for freelancers wasn't a very popular topic. But after the recent announcement that online sellers and freelancers need to register their business until the end of July, this topic finally rang a bell to many, to really get serious with getting their businesses duly registered. I know, if there’s one daunting tasks that every freelancer like you and me really need to get over with, it’s nothing more than taxes. In this video series, Taxation for Freelancers, we’re going to discuss, and learn more about taxes in the perspective of online workers,  work at home freelancers, like you

How to Reduce Over Dependence on Freelance Bidding Sites

Freelance bidding sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Guru, or Fiverr are great places to get you started with freelancing and online jobs. But these freelance sites do not operate for free. Some of these have been great many years ago. Upwork for instance collects only 10% of a freelancer's earnings but fast forward to today, they now get a 20% share. The reason, simple, they too need to make money. They need to impose fees and charges to cover their expenses and of course reward their investors and stakeholders. And not for long, you will start getting charged for features that

How to Conveniently Pay SSS Contribution, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG and BIR – Moneygment App

One of the challenges of being an online freelancer is managing your finances, particularly paying SSS contributions, tax obligations, insurance payments, and social security contributions. And while there are services that now offer a convenient way to pay for SSS via mobile app and other government billers, not all of them can be done in a single app.Today we’re going to look at one of the promising mobile app that will help you ensure that you are in control of your finances and government obligations. I’ll take you to a quick run down of Moneygment app from Togetech.Moneygment is a

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