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Life brings us into different places through different avenues. I've taken mine in a rather unusual but exciting path.

In 2006, just a week after I have made my marriage vows to my wife Iris, I decided to move to Cebu City and work on a job that I thought I'm already assured of in PeopleSupport. In the dark night of May 2006, we sailed in the vastness of the seas and started a journey to a place I had never known of, where people talk a dialect I never understood, rode a taxi I never know where it was heading, to a job interview I never thought would turn out to be a big disappointment. The only thing I could remember was the words of the interviewer saying, “We will call you”.

I've waited with big hope. Slept but always kept watch on my mobile phone. I expected the call. But it never came. And eager as I was to start working in the call center, I rang up the company and asked with confidence why they haven't called me up.

For a few days, I've wandered in Cebu. No job, no money, and no place to stay. My niece and I slept in waiting sheds and went into fast food stores but never ordered. Despair and helplessness could easily set in. But God's mercies and plans for us are beyond the brightest ideas we can ever think of. Fresh as it is in my memory, he led us in front of Liberty Baptist Church in Lahug where a new chapter of my life, my niece, and my family will start.

Prayer is what brought me where I am now. It's fascinating to know how such a simple thing can make a big impact. And I'll tell you this. I prayed for my job. I've applied to almost every call center in Cebu that I could think of. I went to Convergys in Banawa, Sykes in Mandaue, Western Wats in MEPZA, CallTek in Lahug, Qualfon in IT Park, eTelecare, Cebu Global, and just when I'm about to divert to another job, God gave me Touch Asia Contact Solutions.

And not long after that, God allowed me to be where I first intended to work, Aegis People Support.