[ad#250 Image]The web is a vast resource of knowledge that's almost inexhaustible with information. And keeping abreast on what's the latest whether online or offline, local or global, is just a click of the mouse away. But choosing where to get your information is another story. The fact is, there are millions of websites that are simply put, a waste of time.

Here are 10 sites that I've listed and personally use which I believe you will also find useful.

1. Facebook 10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date 1
Who could have ever thought that from a simple hobby project of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, would evolve the most influential social media platform of our time.  And with half a billion users, from almost all countries around the globe, all the languages represented, and all the user generated contents from this social media giant, you'll surely miss a lot if you are not on it. Whether it's a personal profile that you're maintaining, a Fan page, or a group, Facebook is next to everything. From technology to business, career, or just about anything, Facebook is surely a must have to keep you abreast on what's in or out.

2. Google
Google is certainly the ultimate finder of everything and anything. With its plethora of services that encompasses almost every aspect of our online activity from email, videos, to search engine, advertising, and many other tools, Google has established itself as one of the foundations of the internet. I don't think I even passed a single day without using any of Google's vast service offerings and I'm sure the same thing with you. A few things I've been using on a regular if not daily basis include Gmail, Google Search, Google Docs, Adsense, Google Analyti10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date 2cs, and Youtube.

3. Mashable
This is the haven of the techie generations, X and Y. Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable stands as one of the preferred destination when it comes to social and digital media, technology and web culture news and updates. The site is regularly updated and when I say regular, it's almost every couple of hours, new posts, updates are popping up. A couple of things I keep an eye on at Mashable are social media and tech updates.

If you are looking for software and electronic gadget reviews, downloads and first hand sneak peak on what's upcoming, CNET provides an extensive resource to pour your eyes on. I've downloaded almost every software I'm using right now through CNET. And a good add on is CNET's TechTracker app. This shows you the software that is out of date and helps you decide which updates you need.

5. Forrester10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date 3
Research and studies help people understand things better. And that is what Forrester is known for. If you want some facts and hard truths that's well thought and well documented, Forrester Research is the way to go. This independent research company has been in the industry for over 27 years now and has a vast repository of information that has helped marketing executives, business strategists, and IT professionals to create a unified technology plan that gains business advantage.

6. LinkedIn
If you want to establish a network of like-minded professionals in your field, LinkedIn is the place to be. This is the hangout of the modern job seeker, recruiter, business people and marketers. And it is a good place to start building your professional profile online. Make sure to complete your profile and participate in the discussions. You'll surely learn a lot from other LinkedIn users. There are also various groups that you can join and of course, if you really want to have a wide reach, try getting some LIONS (LinkedIn Open Networkers) into your list of contacts.

10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date 47. Apple iTunes
Music, videos, podcasts, vidcast, ebooks, radio, you name it, iTunes has it. You'll surely get the select and the best in its class. One thing that I keep my eyes and ears on are social media and freelancing podcasts which are very helpful resources. And when stress strikes out, I go for classical music. It simply is a very good way to relax and ease all those burdensome thoughts. My favorite station, CBC Classical. That's 24/7 of sound genius.

8. Sourceforge
Developing a software on your own may not get you too far, or it may take you too long to complete. That's where Sourceforge comes into the picture. Sourceforge is the ideal destination for developing software in a public, collaborative manner. Being up to date with technology, software or gadget need not be a pain in the pocket.

9. Wall Street Journal10 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date 5
Freelancers need not just be aware of what's the latest on gadgets, technology or social media. For things pertaining to personal finance, investing, local and global economy, career, business, Wall Street Journal will give you the best resources available, whether it's an article, commentary, podcast, WSJ can deliver. A good place to start, Personal Finance

10. Twitter
What can you do with 140 characters? Not much actually, but Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, founders of Twitter has shown how powerful those 140 characters can be. This revolutionary micro blogging tool is something that can keep you in the loop, real time. Its power and influence has been tried and tested in many different occasions like the Iran elections, the different tragedies that was witnessed and relayed through twitter and the very recent Philippine elections.

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