You'll open up your email one day and you'll find amongst the unread, a notification that your project is now closed. Only a few days ago, the client was chatting with you on how well the project has been working out. And yet, now you see this message. You closed your eyes, pinched yourself, walked out to the sun, and yes, it wasn't a dream. It's real. The one source of income that you expect to feed your family is now gone. What in the world should you do next?

This scenario is not something remote for anyone who works online especially from job bidding sites like Upwork or Contracts end. That's one of the realities of life. And although some may come as a big surprise, more often than not, it's just you and the client who knows why this thing could happen. You know if you've been doing a good job or delivering on the client's expectations.

More importantly, if you are keeping a constant communication with your client, you should be able to get hints and warning signs or even an outright notice from your client that your project is closing soon.

Now before you pull your hair off, let me give you a few things to rundown before finally drowning in tears.

1. Get in touch right away – It's always best to contact your client to confirm than to conclude on things right away. Your client may have some personal and pressing issues which he may probably need more of your empathy than your complaint.

2. Pray – Sometimes clients give the weirdest reasons why they close their projects. Ask God to give you the wisdom and patience to understand and accept the fact no matter how weird it is.

3. Let your spouse know the real score – Don't keep it to yourself. It's best to let your wife or husband know so you can help each other in reorganizing your finances.

4. Learn from your mistake. Enjoy the free time to evaluate where you may have missed – This time is a great opportunity to reassess your service, priorities and focus.

5. Go on a vacation – This is probably the perfect moment to give yourself it's needed pampering.

6. Be Positive – Think of this as an open door for a bigger, better project and not as a wall.

7. Let your network know – This can be a big news for your network, so feed them with your new found freedom. You just don't know who might be just waiting to learn that you can take on a new client.

8. Move on – The worst thing that you can do for yourself when this happens is to shut yourself out. Come on. It's not yet the end of the world.

9. Start looking for a new project to work on

10. Keep in touch – Close the project but not the relationship. You will never know when your service might become relevant to your client's needs again, so don't be stupid to make the parting moments as if you will be leaving for planet Mars really soon.

Your turn! Have you had any experience getting a project closed for no apparent reasons? Share it in the comments.


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