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In freelancing or in any other kind of job hunting, there are only two things that can hinder you from getting your dream job. First, you have no previous work experience and second, you have work experience but you have a tarnished reputation because of unsatisfactory feedbacks.

If you have just started getting jobs online, may this serve as a warning. Remember, you are building a foundation and your feedbacks will be the cornerstone of your future employability. But if you've already incurred negative comments about your work, working habits, attitude, it's time to revisit where you stumbled and see how you can mend those shortcomings.

You might ask me, does that necessarily mean that if i'm not good on the previous job, that i'll also mess up on future assignments? We'll, that's your call. You may say others are being judgmental. In my opinion, there is a greater tendency that it will turn out the same way. If you are still applying for the same type of job, I would suggest that you take on extra effort in justifying why you failed previously and why you would be fit now. You must be able to bring a solid proof that you've changed. I know it's a big challenge, but you could either use it your advantage or consider it as a wall that you can't take down.

The bottom line, it's your word, against somebody else's testimony. And sure enough, we are more inclined to listen to someone's opinion than to take a person's own word. So if you are still wondering, why feedbacks are very important, go over the list and probably you can fill out number 10.

The Positive vs. Negative Feedback

1. It provides you a leverage to negotiate deals to your advantage

2. It gives you one step ahead of your competitors

3. It can motivate you to work harder

4. It builds your credibility as a provider

5. Positive feedback opens doors of opportunity

The Ugly Side

6. Negative feedback reduces your chances of getting hired

7. Feedbacks are almost irreversible.

8. Negative feedback endangers your source of income

9. Demotivates

10. Destroys your credibility.